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We stage vacant homes to SELL!

When homes are completely empty they can feel cold and abandoned.  Staging a vacant house allows buyers to imagine themselves living in the home instead of focusing on stark walls, bare floors and imperfections.  


We stage lived-in homes to SELL!

Your goal as a seller is to move, and we help you get that ball rolling by packing up non-essentials, decluttering overall spaces, and arranging furniture and decor so the buyer sees all features and no flaws.  


We work with sellers and realtors to SELL!

Whether a home owner or real estate agent, you want to get the most money in the shortest amount of time.  Our services are tailored to help you do just that.  BONUS:  This company is owned by a realtor as well, so you will get double exposure because we will market and show your property too!

Why should I consider Staging?


What does "vacant staging" mean?

When a house is empty it is fully exposed.  Every imperfection is seen in a spotlight, and wide open spaces can seem overwhelmingly large or incredibly small in buyers' eyes.  Whether the home is brand new construction or resale, buyers notice every painting mis-stroke, every mark on the floor, the view out every window, and that slightly crooked light fixture over the bathroom sink.  Paint and carpet colors can seem too bland OR they can seem too bright.  Many buyers can't see past these things and simply move on to the next house on their list.  There is competition out there... adding beauty and vibrance to your vacant listing can be a gigantic game changer!  $$$$ :)      

Why stage a house if people already live there?

Most people LIVE in their houses, and some people have occupied their spaces for quite a long time.  They feel comfortable, and when they look around they see tons of memories, focused on the past.  When you want to SELL, it becomes all about what new eyes see.  A buyer entering your home for the first time needs to be able to see their future:  envision themselves eating in the breakfast nook, see their friends hanging out in the den, and imagine their family tucked into the bedrooms each night.  Staging minimizes the buyer's need to overlook personal effects, look under or thru obstacles, or search for the selling features of a property.  As home stagers, we know what needs to be highlighted and what needs to be minimized and how to go about creating this backdrop for your buyer.  Staging will expertly transform your house into their home.  


If you have a question, you can be sure someone else is wondering the same! There is a downloadable FAQ sheet below the price list a little farther down the page; if you don't find your answers there, feel free to call me anytime or use the "Contact Us" form below to send an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Who will do the staging?

Holli Miner, owner SCHS


The enthusiasm I feel when it comes to staging and real estate is palpable, and I am grateful to have an equally enthusiastic team of people to help me get homes staged and sold.

Home Staging Expert


I proudly received this certification early in 2017 and have worked very diligently since that time to create Southern Charm.  We are constantly growing, continually evolving, and will always strive to deliver exceptional results.

Realtor with Carolina One Properties


I started my career in real estate in 2008 in another state (SD).  After taking a few years off to be mom and make a move myself, I became a full-time realtor again in North Carolina January 1, 2016.

Accredited Buyer's Representative


Selling real estate requires teamwork, and sellers need BUYERS!  In addition to home staging, I actively work as an Accredited Buyer's Representative Realtor along side my fellow listing agents and our clients with the goal of quickly and professionally getting their houses SOLD.  

We can move in & help move out!


We bring everything we need to add vibrance to your vacant space, and if you need to move anything from your house during the listing period, we can help you get it to storage.

Always looking for partnerships!


If you know anyone who wants to advertise their furniture business, home decor, art, cleaning services, moving company, etc.  please share this website, use the "contact us" page to set up a time to discuss, and let's work together. 

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